A Top Fatherly Performance

, | Hopeless | November 4, 2016

(My best friend has gone to college several towns away, just far enough that I can’t visit her more often than once a year with the rest of her family. Since most of my friends have moved away or lost touch, I’m pretty lonely a lot of the time, especially since I have a hard time making friends to begin with. I am just sitting down to play Minecraft on a Saturday, probably looking forlorn and upset, anticipating just staying home all day and playing video games. A little before then, I’d just wished said best friend luck on the last performance of a play she is in that night, expressing just how much I want to be there. Out of the blue, my father walks in and looks at me with a big grin.)

Father: “Hey, anyone interested in going to [College] to see [Play being performed] had best start getting ready. We leave in ten minutes!”

(And that is the story of how my daddy took an entire day driving several hours to make sure I saw my best friend on a day that I really needed it! He already works several jobs, and he probably had some work that he needed to do that day, but he wanted to make sure that I got to see my bestie in a performance! I will never forget that day, and the play was amazing! THANK YOU, DADDY! AND THE FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD GOES TO…)

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