A Token Caller

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(I work for a pet food manufacturer, and we are presently running a competition on one of our foods. Twenty tokens have been placed in bags of food, and if you find a token, you win a hamper. At least 100,000 bags have been released nationwide, with banners on them indicating the competition, and all the rules. All information is very clear and straightforward, yet many people still seem to be confused. These are some of the interactions I have had so far:)

Me: “Good morning, ma’am. How can I assist you?”

Customer #1: “Hi, I’m calling about that competition you guys are running. I’ve just bought two bags of food, and I haven’t found a token yet. Why haven’t I won?”

Me: “I’m sorry; did you say you have purchased two bags? Ma’am, we have made a very large volume of food that is distributed nationwide, with only twenty tokens available. It may take more time to find a token.”

Customer #1: “Oh… Well, that’s very misleading! I thought I’d win! I wont be supporting your product anymore!”


Customer #2: “Hi, I bought that bag of yours that has the banner about the competition! How do I get my hamper?”

Me: “Oh, that’s great! Did you find a token?”

Customer #2: “Token? What are you talking about? The bag says I get a hamper. Where’s my hamper?”

Me: “You have to find a token inside the bag in order to win.”


Customer #3: “Hi, I see you’re running this competition, and I wanted to find out: will the token be inside the bag, or outside the bag?”

Me: “Uh… It will be inside the bag.”

Customer #3: “That’s great! Thanks!”


Customer #4: “Hi, I’ve bought three bags of food and I haven’t found a token yet. Is your competition over? Why is your company still selling these bags if the competition is over?!”

Me: “Apologies, ma’am, but our competition only began about two weeks ago, so it is still running.”



Customer #5: “Hi there. I think I may have found a token! Is it the same size and color of the food?”

Me: *wondering WHY we would ever make it look like the food* “No, ma’am, it’s very large and noticeable, and has a reference number on it.”


Customer #6: “Good day. I have been buying your product for years; it’s the only food my pet will eat. I see you are running some kind of competition, but I haven’t found a token yet. I think I should be compensated for being such a loyal customer! It’s not fair that I haven’t won yet!”

(We had numerous customers calling, all with the same type of complaint or query. We have yet to have anyone actually call about finding a token.)

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