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A Tip For That Guy: No Second Date

, , , , , | Right | CREDIT: Throwaway-71 | November 18, 2021

Today was an all-around awful day for tips in general, but this was something else.

A guy came in and sat at a table in the bar. Then, a woman showed up. Both got coffees to go and sat around on their computers for a while. I dropped the bill off. The guy paid in cash and the woman thanked him for paying. He was a nice guy. He got up and left a five-dollar bill on the table under the water I had brought for him.

I assumed that was it, so it surprised me to look over and see the women snapping at me. She wanted to order food. Okay. I got her order. The five-dollar bill was still there. I should’ve grabbed it. I put in the food order and finished.

I noticed the woman moving tables. I went to bus the first table and pick up the tip… but it was gone.

She paid with a five and a couple of ones and left me the change, which was less than a dollar.

So, she stole the tip to pay for her food, made me bus two tables, was rude, and camped at the table for one or two hours… and still people wondering why the service industry is struggling.

Question of the Week

What is the most stupid reason a customer has asked to see your manager?

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