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A Tiny Problem With That

, , , | Right | May 19, 2019

(My husband helps his brother-in-law with a shop at the local market. I sometimes drop by with my eight-months-pregnant belly and stand behind the desk, chatting with people. My husband is 21 and  I’m 23, but we both look way younger, while his 40-something brother-in-law is tall with a bigger build.)

Customer: “Oh, how nice! Is it your first?”

Me: “Yes, ma’am, my first.”

Customer: “Is that the father?” *pointing at the brother-in-law*

Me: “Oh, no, the one with the black shirt on.”

Customer: “You mean the tiny one? But he is too young!”

(After that, she left, the brother-in-law laughed his a** off, and my husband looked defeated. Now every time he goes to work he won’t shave, so he can look older.)

Question of the Week

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