A Time For Giving Only

| Friendly | April 7, 2014

(Every year at Christmas, my family makes large batches of treats: peanut brittle, cheeseballs, fudge, brownies, and that’s just a beginning list of the goodies we tend to make. Because my budget is tight, I’ve made my best friend and her family a huge basket with a large amount of all these treats I’ve made from scratch and carried it over the night before Christmas.)

Friend’s Daughter: “Ooh, yay, goodies! I love your goodies.”

Me: *laughing* “Well, feel free to dig in. Just remember you have to share. I wish I could have given you guys more, but my bank account is really tight, so this is all the Christmas I could give.”

Friend: “I understand that.” *goes into a tangent of all the expensive things she bought her three kids: smartphones, new game systems, new expensive shoes…*

Me: “Ah, yeah, I didn’t even have money to get my car repaired. I’m scared it’s going to break on me soon.”

Friend: “Oh, I’m sorry.” *doesn’t sound sorry at all* “I just got a brand new car myself. I’m so excited. [Husband] surprised me with it, but the payments are so high on it.”

Friend’s Daughter: “There’s only food in here. Where’s the presents?”

Me: “Those are the presents. I made all of those for you guys to enjoy for Christmas.”

Friend’s Daughter: “That’s just sweets. Why didn’t you get me presents?”

Me: *really hurt* “You know, I don’t remember you buying me a present, young lady. I remember I bought you that really nice jewelry kit for your birthday two months ago and your brother got that full collection of movies from me.”

Friend: “That was their birthday, though. I can’t believe you didn’t buy any presents! That’s rude, [My Name)!”

Me: *smiles and picks up the basket of sweets* “You’re right. It totally was. I also noticed that you didn’t bother to buy me anything this year, either. Or the year before. Or the year before that. I’ll just remember how rude I was to bring you this large basket of food for Christmas.”

Friend’s Daughter: “No! Bring the fudge back!”

(I left with everything and haven’t talked to her or her family in over a year. Apparently, she’s mad at me for ruining her children’s Christmas.)

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