A Ticket For The Entitlement Bus

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Our son’s college orientation is held at a posh hotel. The first group of parents and students are entering when I hear a woman asking for money for the bus.

A few give her some. Just the three people around us who do give her over fifty dollars total. Most of us, though, just shake our heads and move on.

As we do, I hear her muttering.

Woman: “D*** stuck-up rich b****es can’t even give me money for the bus.”

That is the last straw for me.

Me: “Lady, most of us are working class. We all have kids entering [Prestigious Local College]. We don’t have money to spare. I know you’ve gotten more than fifty dollars in the last five minutes. I haven’t had that in my wallet since the college application process began.”

I wish I could say she slunk off in shame, but as we left, she was begging the second wave of parents for a little money for the bus.

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