A Thousand-Dollar Conversation

, , , | Right | June 8, 2020

I am taking orders in the drive-thru while another girl is taking money from a guy glued to his cell phone.

Coworker: “Okay, I have forty fingers, twenty Cokes, twenty large fries, and fifty orders of toast. Is that correct?”

The cell phone guy gives no reaction to the obviously fake order.

Cell Phone Guy: “Okay.”

Coworker: “That will be a thousand dollars.”

The guy still gives no reaction. Immersed in the phone conversation, he hands his card to the cashier.

Me: “Did you just say he owes a thousand dollars?!”

Coworker: *To me* “He’s not paying attention.”

Me: “Have a great night!”

I hand the food to the customer, who looks at me, for some reason rolls his eyes, and drives off.

Coworker: “Not much for small talk, I guess.”

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