A Thoughtful Translation

, , , | Hopeless | June 1, 2016

(I’m part of a large Facebook group for professional translators. A colleague mentions offhand that they are worried about not being able to complete jobs for clients due to advanced illness. Shortly thereafter, I saw the following post:)

Group Member: “For those of you who’ve missed it in all the many hugs that have been going to [Colleague] this afternoon, we’re setting up a backup team that she can refer jobs to when her health lets her down and a deadline is due. The idea is that we all try to keep a little bit of spare availability in case this should happen so that [Colleague] can pass jobs to whoever’s the most suitable/available. Needless to say, the money earned for the job still goes to her!”

(Within an hour, some 50 people had volunteered their services. It was amazing to watch a community come together so quickly!)

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