A Textbook Example Of An A**-Hole

| Learning | May 11, 2017

(It’s my first day working in the campus bookstore. I’m out on the sales floor, helping a student find an item.)

Professor: “You!” *snaps his fingers*

Me: “Me?”

Professor: “Yes, you! Come here. Where are the textbooks for [Course]?”

Me: “I believe those are a couple rows over, in the back.”

Professor: “They should be RIGHT HERE. Why aren’t they?” *stares at me*

Me: “I… am not sure. I can get [Store Manager], if you’d like to ask him.”

Professor: “Why don’t you know?!”

Me: “…because it’s my first day?”

(The professor walked out, muttering under his breath. I feel sorry for those who were stuck in his classes!)

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