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A Testing Taco Tuesday

, , | Right | August 31, 2018

Me: “Hi! Thanks for calling [Restaurant]! My name is [My Name]. How can I help you today?”

Customer: “Hi, [My Name], I’d like to place a to-go order. please.”

Me: “All right, what can I get you?”

Customer: “I’ll have fifteen soft beef tacos, please.”

Me: “Will that be all?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “That will be $38.07.”

Customer: “It’s Tuesday, though. Aren’t tacos $1?”

Me: “No, ma’am. That’s for dine-in only.”

Customer: “But I was there earlier and they gave me my tacos for $1 each.”

Me: “Did you sit at a table and have a waitress?”

Customer: “Yes.”

Me: “That’s dine-in. To-go orders are regular price.”

Customer: “But tacos are supposed to be $1 on Tuesdays!”

Me: “For dine-in only.”

Customer: “We were going to come there and eat them!”

Me: “I’m sorry, what?”

Customer: “I was ordering them ahead of time so we wouldn’t have to wait!”

Me: “That’s not how it works, ma’am.”

Customer: *hangs up*

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