A Testing Set Of Circumstances

, , | CT, USA | Learning | July 11, 2017

We have an impossible physics teacher. Everyone hates him, but he always specifically targets me. He always give us Scantron tests, which I always fail. This one, however, is the worst, with questions terribly phrased.

When I point this out to him and ask what to do, he simply tells me to “figure it out.”

There is even one question that asks about the velocity of a bicycle, and all the answers are about a rock rolling down a hill. The test is a total disaster, and he refuses to do anything about it.

At the end of the class, one of my classmates asks if he can keep a copy of the test to help him study for the final, and the teacher says no. So, he ends up stealing a copy, and during lunch most of the class get together and mark everything that is wrong with the test to give to the vice principal.

She was beside herself that the test was like that, and forced the teacher to give us all an extra 50 points on the test. It was the only one I passed all year.

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  • Neil Fairweather

    Didn’t we see this one last month …with the same title?

    • Natasha

      Yeah, I remember this one. It’s one thing if they are double-posted right side by side (usually an accident) but this one is obvious the same story.

    • Jackie Fauxe

      Yep. It’s from June 5th. It has gained the “Exams/Tests”, “Non-Dialogue”, and “Teachers” tags and lost the “High School” one, though.

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  • Robert Carnegie

    Maybe double-submitted? I’ve seen a few repeats lately.

    The story kind of sounds like Harry Potter getting a ton of extra points for Gryffindor and also how Captain Kirk beat the “no win scenario” combat simulation (when William Shatner was Kirk). “Harry Potter and the Kobayashi Maru”.

  • Kitty

    Okay, can someone tell me what a Scantron test is? It makes me think it’s a test done on a digital device, but then it includes talking about a paper?

  • ladyrage8

    I knew I’d seen this before, comments just confirmed.

  • Flami

    Oh man, not more reposts!

    • Vulpis

      I’m wondering if editors changing tags on it causes the system to repost it as a new article. I’m really missing the separate sites. :-/

      • Flami

        Hmm. I never would have thought of that. Perhaps you’re right.

        The separate sites were good!

  • Souless night

    Still don’t get how you find the velocity of a bicycle by diverting the topic to a rock being rolled down a hill

    • AR


    • Dsru Bin

      The velocity of the bicycle is zero, because the rolling rock hit the rider and knocked him off.

  • Dsru Bin

    @Celoptra Here’s a story that was reposted but was never on the Unfiltered site. Doesn’t change the fact that it’s a repost.