A Testing Accent

, , , | Right | April 6, 2020

(It is about nineteen years ago, and I am in high school. I’m in the FFA — Future Farmers of America — and my team has won our state Livestock Judging contest and gone to the National FFA Convention in Louisville. We are all from Connecticut, and this is our first — or at least MY first — experience hearing anything like a Southern accent from the locals. We all get up from the hotel one morning and walk to a nearby bagel shop to order breakfast.)

Me: “I’d like a raisin bagel with cream cheese, please.”

Cashier: “Would you like that tested?”

Me: “Excuse me?”

Cashier: “Would you like that tested?”

Me: “Tested? Tested for what?”

Cashier: *rolling his eyes and exaggerating his speech* “WOULD YOU LIKE THAT TOAH-STED?!”

Me: “Oh! Yes, please. Sorry.” *turns red and feels like an idiot for the rest of the day*

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