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A Tall Story

| Related | November 1, 2013

(I am three years old. My mom runs a day care out of our house. As parents are bringing kids over, Mom tells me I should always say nice things to the other kids’ parents, so they know my mom makes sure they mind their manners. A rather tall and somewhat heavyset woman drops off her children, and I’m clinging to my mother’s pants.)

Me: “You’ve got pretty eyes; I like your necklace; you’re big!”

Mom: “[My Name], that’s rude!”

Me: “But she is big, like daddy!”

(The woman crouches down to my eye level.)

Woman: “Do you mean I’m tall like your daddy?”

Me: “Yeah, big!”

(It takes a while for my mother to convince me that tall and big are not always the same thing.)

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