A Tall Order To Carry Off

| Romantic | June 2, 2012

(I have a friend over, who is going on and on about her problems. It is getting ridiculous, so I text my boyfriend to help me.)

Friend: “…and my boyfriend never listens to me, and…”

(The door opens, and my boyfriend walks in. He picks me up in a prince’s carry, and without saying a word, walks out.)

Me: *safely outside* “So, where exactly are we going?”

Boyfriend: “I hadn’t really thought that far in advance. My plan only went as far as carrying you out. How about the beach?”

Me: “Sounds good.”

(We head to the beach, stopping to buy wine and some candles on the way.)

Me: “This is why I love you. You’re like if James Bond was tactless. Kind of like a sexy caveman in a suit.”

(He proposes 2 weeks later. He still maintains this comment is when he finally realised I was the one.)

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