A Tale Of Two Bobs

, , , , | Related | January 29, 2020

(I have a three-year-old nephew.)

Nephew: “Grandpa, I saw Bob Dylan on Netflix!”

Grandpa: “Yeah. I didn’t know that you knew who he was.”

Nephew: “He sings and plays guitar like you. And did you know Bob Dylan owns Netflix?”

Grandpa: “Oh, really? I mean he’s on Netflix but he doesn’t—“

Nephew: “Mama, Bob Dylan owns Netflix!”

His Mom: “Really? Okay. Why don’t you tell Grandpa what other music you listen to?”

Nephew: “Bob Marley. He was on Netflix, too! Bob Dylan owns Marley and Netflix!”

Grandpa: “I think I saw Bob Dylan on HBO, too.”

Nephew: “Bob Dylan owns HBO?!”

(Hey, at least the kid has good taste in music.)

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