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A Tale As Fold As Time

, , , | Right | March 12, 2019

(I am volunteering for a small thrift shop to gain work experience and get hours to graduate. This is my first time working in retail and it’s my first day. My supervisor has me folding t-shirts for the free basket. After I’ve just spent thirty minutes folding all the t-shirts and putting them neatly into the basket, two women approach me while I’m hanging scarves.)

Women #1: “Are those t-shirts free?”

Me: “Yup! Help yourself.”

(I then watch as they proceed to grab and unfold every t-shirt. They take two and leave a mess behind.)

Supervisor: *as I’m folding the shirts again* “They mess up your hard work?”

Me: “Yeah.”

Supervisor: *laughing* “Welcome to retail!”

Question of the Week

What is the most stupid reason a customer has asked to see your manager?

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