A Sweet Sixteen Is A Sweet Dream

| Learning | December 5, 2013

(My friends at my lunch table are all younger than me. Most of them are sophomores, one is a freshman, and another is a fellow junior, who is also the only other girl. The other junior, who wears ‘punk’ clothes, has just turned 16.)

Junior: “So, [My Name] isn’t the only one who’s sixteen now.”

Me: *jokingly* “Finally, some maturity.”

Freshman: “So, why didn’t I get invited to your sweet sixteen parties?”

Sophomore #1: “Yeah, [Junior’s Name]. Where are our invites?”

Junior: “I’m not having one.”

Sophomore #2: “Why? Afraid that you won’t find a dress that looks bada** enough?”

Junior: “No, too expensive.”

Me: “Same reason I didn’t have one.”

Freshman: “You old people are all cheapskates!”

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