A Sudden (Bait And) Switch In Attitude

| Working | June 3, 2013

(I have ordered an old video game console on a used-game site. However, when I receive the item, it isn’t as-advertised. So, I call customer service.)

Me: “Hi there! I ordered [console] a week ago. According to the invoice you sent me, I was supposed to get a different model. It was supposed to come with a game and a controller, too.”

Employee: “Oh I’m sorry. Let me look into that for you…”

(I wait for ten minutes.)

Employee: “Oh, I see what happened. It appears you were sent the wrong bundle. Let me talk to my manager and what will likely happen is that we’ll refund you the amount to replace the missing parts. He’s at lunch right now, so I’ll be sure to call you back after he returns.”

(It’s a Friday and when three hours pass without a callback, I decide to call them again.)

Me: “Hi. I called three hours ago about receiving the wrong [console bundle]?”

Employee: “Oh… it’s you. I was just about to call you. I talked to my manager and he’s not willing to offer you anything.  Apparently there was a mistake with our computers; it wasn’t our fault. The [console bundle i purchased] was listed at [console bundle I got] price. We sent you the correct package.”

(I’m completely taken aback. I’m not one for confrontation, but respond anyway.)

Me: “That doesn’t seem fair. My invoice says [console bundle], and you’ve taken my money for [console bundle].”

Employee: “I’m sorry. There’s nothing we can do.”

Me: “Uh. Can I talk to your manager?”

Employee: “He’s busy right now.”

Me: “I’ll wait.”

(Twenty minutes later, I get a gruff-sounding man on the phone.)

Manager: There’s nothing we can do. It’s not our fault.”

Me: “How about a refund?”

Manager: “I can’t do that, because you’re trying to take advantage of the situation!”

(At this point I’m pretty much in shock, as this is a bait and switch. The manager even claims I’m the one scamming them. So, I hang up and call the Attorney General’s office. They recommend I call back one last time before I issue a return payment with my credit card company.)

Me: “Hi. I called previous about paying for and receiving the wrong items?”

Manager: “Oh it’s you. We already told you—”

Me: “So, I filed a complaint with the Attorney General. Following that, I plan to issue a return payment on the money issued to you, as according to what the Attorney General recommended.)

(Upon hearing this, the manager changes his tone completely.)

Manager: “I’m sorry! But it’s not our fault; you don’t understand. The computer made a mistake! You got the item listed at wrong price. We’d be losing money if we upgraded your bundle.”

Me: “The same bundle that’s still listed at [price I paid] on your site?”

Manager: “…Are you still okay with a refund?”

(I got the same console with added accessories for thirty dollars less at the pawnshop down the street!)

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