A Successful Purchase Is Not In The Cards

, , , , | Right | December 17, 2020

I work at a fast food restaurant, and I am working in the drive-thru window. A woman drives up and hands me a card to pay.

Me: “I’m sorry, but we can’t accept this card here.”

Customer: “What do you mean? I’ve always used this card here. Try it!”

Me: *Swipes the card* “Your card declined. We don’t accept this card here.”

The customer is frustrated and starts screaming in my face.

Customer: “I have used this card here many times! Don’t tell me I can’t use this card! Swipe it again!”

Manager: *Overhearing the yelling* “I’m sorry, what’s the problem over here?”

Customer: “She is trying to tell me I can’t use my card here! I’ve always used this card here!”

Manager: *Looks at the card* “Ma’am, this is a rewards card for a gas station.”

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