A Stupid Thing To Do, Period

| Learning | May 4, 2017

(I am a boy. For whatever reason one PE teacher has a tendency to take us all (boys and girls) into the girl’s changing rooms before going out to do the actual lesson. It’s an awkward situation at the best of times, and one of the girls who likes to bother me tries to take it further.)

Girl #1: *snide* “[My Name], here.” *hands me a tampon*

(All the girls start laughing at me as I take it.)

Me: *looking at it* “You have given me a tampon because?”

(To my confusion some of the girls actually gasp and the girl who handed it to me is mouth agape. A couple of the boys glare at me and the sealed unused tampon.)

Girl #2: “Miss! [My Name] said ‘tampon’!”

Teacher: *taking notice and not caring* “Oh, did he?”

Girl #2: *to me* “You do know where that goes, right?”

Me: “Yes?”

Girl #1: “Then why the h*** are you acting so normal!”

Me: “It’s sealed. Why would I be grossed out by it?”

Boy: “What makes it so gross anyway? Where is it meant to go?”

Girl #1: “You know, up our…” *motioning*

(Nearly all of the boys stared blankly at her before realising what she meant. The look of disgust was priceless and the other girls pounced on it, making them as uncomfortable as humanly possible. It took the teacher twice as long to get us all ready and out. None of the girls bothered me after that, assuming that their greatest weapon to use against me had no effect. I still don’t understand how I was the only boy there who seemed to know what a tampon was. This was a class of 15/16 year olds.)

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