A Stranger Kind Of Stranger Danger

| Romantic | August 30, 2012

(I’m waiting to cross the street to go to my friend’s house. I hear a car pull up next to me, but ignore it until the stranger in the passenger seat talks.)

Stranger: “Hey baby, how much do you go for?”

(I ignore him and pull out my phone before he speaks again.)

Stranger: “Come on, good looking… you know you want this.”

(I turn to the guy and am about to tell him off, when I realize the person in the driver’s seat is my friend. Realizing it’s me, my friend is about to talk, but quickly shuts his mouth at the face I am making.)

Me: *to the stranger* “Well, darling, it all depends on if you think you would be able to handle all of this.”

(He stutters before I chuckle, open the back door of the car, and get inside. The stranger stares, as my friend drives off to his house with me still in the backseat. I get out and follow the boys inside the house. Inside, I see my friend’s mom and walk over to give her a hug.)

Me: “Hi, Mama J.”

My Friend’s Mom: “Hi, Steph.”

Stranger: “Wait, you know her?!”

(Our friend chuckles before introducing us. That was eight years ago, and now I’m actually engaged to the (now better behaved) stranger.)

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