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A Stranger Danger Than Stranger Danger

| Related | July 20, 2012

(I am on my first date with my future husband, which includes his 10-year-old son. I am nervous about him liking me even though we have all known each other for years. I was always just a friend to his dad, but now I am ‘more than friends’. We all go to our local theme park for the day.)

Boyfriend: “Okay, I’ll go get us some mini donuts. I’ll meet you both at the next ride!”

Boyfriend’s Son and Me: “Okay!”

(His son grabs my hand, much to my surprise.)

Boyfriend’s Son: “Come on! Let’s run! Race with me!”

(He pulls my hand to get me to run and because I’m eager to please him I chase him. Just when we get really running he turns around and starts yelling.)


(We did end up getting along famously, but he still loves a good prank.)

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