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A Storm Of Kindness

, , , , | Right | December 16, 2020

My husband and I are driving home to New Jersey after visiting relatives in Mississippi. It is a long trip — about twenty-two hours straight through — that we have made many times. Our route home takes us through the interstate in Virginia.

On this particular trip, a large hurricane is approaching Florida. Many people are evacuating the state entirely and going to stay with relatives elsewhere. We are amazed at the number of Floridian license plates that we see on other vehicles on the road.

We stop at a rest stop. We get out of the car and see pallets and pallets of cases of water.

I walk up to the security guard standing near the pallets.

Me: “Excuse me. What’s with all the water?”

Guard: “The State of Virginia is aware that many people will be coming to Virginia or passing through Virginia to escape [Hurricane]. Anyone that comes through here can get a free bottle of water. We also have free coffee, instead, and some snacks for kids.”

Me: “Are you serious? That is just awesome! I love Virginia for doing this!”

Guard: “You are welcome to grab a bottle of water or a cup of coffee if you’d like.”

Me: “Thanks, but that’s okay. We aren’t coming out of Florida, and we’ve got drinks and snacks in the car already. I’m just so impressed that you guys are doing this.”

Guard: “Thank you, ma’am. Y’all have a safe trip.”

And so it was, for the rest of our trip through Virginia; every rest stop had free water, coffee, and snacks. Go, Virginia! You guys are definitely getting it right!

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