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A Stickler For Stickers

| Right | August 7, 2012

(We are having a summer sale, and I am busy stickering a bunch of notebooks which are 50% off. Note: these stickers are merely to alert the customers of the discount; the items are automatically discounted when scanned at the till).

Customer: *picks up notebook* “Is this half off, too?”

Me: “Of course. All of these notebooks are.”

Customer: “What about these two?”

Me: “Yup, all of them!”

Customer: “Could you put a sticker on this one, then?”

Me: “It’s okay; it doesn’t need one. All our items are automatically reduced at the till. Is there anything else you need?”

Customer: *agitated* “Yeah, I want a sticker on this d*** notebook!”

Me: “Honestly, it’s an automatic system and it doesn’t need one.”

(The customer just stands there. I eventually lean over and place a sticker on the notebook. The customer’s attitude immediately improves.)

Customer: “Thank you very much!”

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