A ‘Step’ Too Far

| Related | January 20, 2016

(After my grandmother’s funeral, the guests assemble at a nearby restaurant. Note that since my father passed away early, my brother and I are my grandmother’s only living relatives. My mum — her daughter-in-law — is also there with us. The guests are currently offering their condolences to my grandma’s partner, and after talking to him, a couple I don’t know personally notices us sitting next to him.)

Husband: *to me* “And you are… the grandchild, right?”

Me: “Yes, my brother and I are her grandchildren.”

Husband: *to my mum* “Are they your children?”

Mum: “They are.”

Wife: “So you are…?”

Mum: “I’m [Grandma]’s daughter-in-law.”

Wife: *turning to her husband* “The daughter-in-law and her children. All right, you don’t have to remember their names; we won’t see them again anyway.”

(Her tone implied that she expected us to drop out of my grandma’s partner’s life, too, since he isn’t a blood relative. Needless to say, we were appalled — and of course we will stay in contact with our “step-grandpa”!)

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