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A Standard Setting For The Older Brother

| Learning | November 19, 2013

(My little sister and I attend the same college. She’s a sophomore and I’m a grad student. The class I am a TA for meets in the lecture hall right after my sister’s class gets out, so from time to time I talk to her as she leaves. One day after she leaves, a student in my class comes up to me.)

Student: “Ay [My Name], I saw you chattin’ with that fine a** b****. You hittin’ that?”

Me: “Uhh, no I’m not.”

Student: “Are you trying to hit that?”

Me: “No, because—”

Student: “Well s***, man, if you ain’t gettin’ after that, gimme her number.”

Me: “I don’t think so.”

Student: “What do you mean no? You can’t just hog a hot girl and not try to get it in. Gimme one good reason why not, man!”

Me: *getting right in his face* “Because that’s my little sister, and she has standards.”

(The student’s face goes pale and he backs away slowly. For the rest of the semester, he didn’t say another word to me and made as little eye contact with me as possible.)

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