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A Spotify Of Bother Understanding

, , , | Right | November 17, 2020

I am a sales representative at a popular electronics store. An old couple approaches my department and brings their items to my desk to check out. I am not a checkout, as I work in the mobile phone department. I take their items and notice some vinyls from some popular artists.

Me: “I love this album!”

Old Man: “Yeah, nothing sounds as good as records. I don’t understand people these days paying for music.” *Referring to streaming sites*

Me: “I agree that the sound is amazing, but I think people pay for music for the accessibility. I personally use [Streaming Service], and for $10 a month, I can listen to just about anything, anywhere.”

Old Man: *Not liking my response* “Ugh, well, what about Netflix? There have been millions of movies made, and I see the same d*** things on Netflix all the time!”

Me: “I wish Netflix could show all the movies ever made; that would be amazing. I just don’t think they could afford it.”

I also explain the algorithm, how they show things you’d like based on what you’ve watched. Part of me wants to ask if he’s looking at his “recently watched” list, but I feel it would be condescending.

Old Man: “I’ll just never understand!”

Or you don’t want to?

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