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A Spoiler For Two

| Related | July 22, 2016

(My brother has seen the new Star Wars movie, but my mom and I have not. We’re planning to see it next week.)

Brother: “Hey, did you hear the story about the guy whose cheating girlfriend got Star Wars spoiled for him?”

Me: “No, what happened?”

Brother: “He got a text from his friend saying, ‘I saw your girlfriend at the new Star Wars movie with a guy.’ So he texts back, ‘Are you sure it wasn’t her roommate?’ and the friend says ‘No, I saw her kissing him right before [MASSIVE SPOILER],’ and the guy is so freaked out by [MASSIVE SPOILER HAPPENING] that he didn’t even care about his girlfriend!”

Me: “You know I haven’t seen the movie yet either, right?”

Brother: “Oops.”

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