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A Specific Duck And A President Are Most Upset

, , , , | Right | July 12, 2018

(We sell letter-shaped cake candles. Customers usually use these to spell out someone’s name on a birthday cake, so the company sells the candles both individually and in a variety of slightly-discounted sets containing common pre-spelled out names, like “STEVE,” “BILL,” “JILL,” “MARY,” etc. If a customer wants to spell out something that isn’t available in one of these sets, though, they can always buy the letters individually for a few cents more and potentially get their purchase marked down, simply by asking the cashier for a manager during the checkout process.)

Me: “Hello, what can I help you find today?”

Customer: “Why don’t you have a set for the name ‘DONALD’?”

Me: “Well, I guess ‘DONALD’ isn’t a common name given to children nowadays. Besides: even though we don’t have a specific set for the name ‘DONALD,’ you can always just buy candles for the each of the individual letters and spell it out yourself. The individual candles cost a few cents more than buying one of the sets, but you can always try getting them marked down if you talk to a manager during checkout.”

Customer: *stomps* “But why don’t you carry the name ‘DONALD’?!”

Me: “Uh…?”

Customer: “I’ve called you guys three times already telling you that you need to carry a set for the name ‘DONALD’!”

(The customer starts walking away. I stand there in confusion, scratching my head. Was it something I said?)

Customer: *from a distance, on their way out* “Y’all need to carry the name ‘DONALD’!”

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