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A Specie-ous Argument

| Learning | June 18, 2013

(A parent of a girl in my class is observing when she suddenly speaks out.)

Teacher: “And that concludes our lesson on evolution for today. Please write down—”

Angry Parent: “[Teacher]! I heard you told my daughter that we’re homo sapiens!”

Teacher: “Yes, of course—”

Angry Parent: “I take offense to that!”

Teacher “Why?”

Angry Parent: “Most people in the world identify as hetero sapiens, thank you very much. We don’t like being lumped together with f***!”

Teacher: “[Parent’s name], it’s simply the scientific name for the human species.”

Angry Parent: “NO! Homo means f***! I can’t believe you’re teaching these students this s***!”

(The teacher is dumbfounded. Suddenly, the parent’s daughter walks in.)

Daughter: “Mrs. [teacher], Mr. [her teacher] wanted to ask—MOM?”

Angry Parent: “Hello dear, I’m just telling this teacher of yours how wrong she is. Not everyone in the world is a f**.”

Daughter “No mom, you’re wrong! It’s actually the name of our species. ‘Homo’ is just the name of the genus and it doesn’t mean that! Just go home, please!”

Angry Parent: *embarrassed* “Oh, well… I’m still right! We’ll talk when you get home. Love you, dear.”

(The angry parent runs out while giving our teacher the evil eye.)

Student #1: “Wow. Did that just happen?”

Student #2: “I thought that only happened on the internet. I saw a meme like this once.”

Daughter: “It was probably based off my mom. She’s done it before. Sorry for interrupting your class, Mrs. [teacher], she probably won’t do it again.”

Teacher: “It’s okay; class was almost over anyways. But for stopping her, you get extra credit. Thanks for that!”

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