A So-Called Engineer Can Only Fix So-Called Problems

, , , | Right | December 2, 2018

(I work in a call centre for an Internet and home phone provider. A customer rings in, very angry and shouting at me.)

Customer: “Fix my phone! Ever since your so-called engineer installed my broadband, it’s had issues.”

Me: “Okay, what is wrong with the phone?”

Customer: “Just fix it.”

Me: “I need to know what’s wrong with it.”

Customer: “Can’t you tell it’s not working?”

Me: “No, I need to you to tell me what’s wrong.”

Customer: “It’s not working; you should know this.”

Me: “Do you have a dial tone?”

Customer: “You have no right to know that.”

Me: “Well, if you won’t tell me what’s wrong, I can’t help. So, if I can’t do anything, I will have to end the call. Bye now!”

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