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A Smashing Case Of Instant Karma

, , , , | Right | CREDIT: MaybeMabelDoo | December 26, 2020

I work at a housewares store and I run the stockroom staff. We sell some flat-packed furniture and we have a backdoor pickup for customers to load items into their cars. The back-of-house staff has to help these customers, and though they’re very hard-working, most are quite introverted compared to the front-of-house staff.

One of my guys loads a ten-foot rug into the back of a long SUV. There would be plenty of room for it if the customer was willing to remove one of his kid seats and fold the chair over, but he refuses, even though he is shopping alone. My guy props the rug on top of the seat, running through the middle of the car.

Employee: “I have to warn you that it will not be safe to have a kid in that seat until the rug is unloaded.”

Before closing the trunk, my guy walks to the front of the car to see where the rug is in relation to the rearview mirror. He decides it is too close and turns around to move it slightly, but the impatient customer takes that moment to slam the trunk shut. The rug pushes straight into the mirror, which punches through the windshield.

The customer is furious, and I have to go out there and be shouted at.

Customer: “This guy damaged my windshield!”

I knew this guy wouldn’t do that, so I pointed to our camera out there and threatened to bring up the tape. There was no tape; we would have had to get corporate involved and I have never seen them take the store’s side over a customer. But the customer didn’t know that. Suddenly, the customer admitted that he’d slammed the trunk himself, but he still felt it was our fault the windshield was damaged.

He threatened to sue the store for “tricking” him into smashing his own windshield. I had an awesome boss at the time who took our side to corporate. I’m pretty sure we lost the customer, though.

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