A Small Technical Glitch… In Dad’s Brain

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Due to the declining quality of our Internet service, coupled with the increasing prices, my dad decides to change providers. He shops around, finds a reputable company offering a good deal on broadband, landline, and TV combined, and commits to a contract.

The router arrives in the post with a notification that changeover day will officially be the twenty-third of the month. Dad has to go out, so I’m left waiting for the technician he’s informed me is coming to do the switch-over. I think this is unnecessary as we already have all the bits and we could plug it in ourselves, particularly given the current health crisis, but what do I know? I can’t even make use of my day off by doing my college work as this is all online at the moment.

Mid-morning, we get a call confirming that the landline is now switched. Mid-afternoon, Dad comes home.

Dad: “Still no technician?”

Me: “Not yet. Did they give you any idea what time they’d be here?”

Dad: “No, just some time up to midnight.”

This is an instant red flag; no company is going to send a technician out that late.

Me: “Who told you the technician would be coming?”

Dad: “I can’t remember.”

Me: “Was it possible someone from [Electronic Retailer] when you first made inquiries said that they might need to send a technician?”

Dad: “Maybe.”

Me: “Well, what information do you have actually from [New Internet Provider]?”

He showed me the letters that came with the router where it clearly stated in big letters, “You do not need to wait in. Our technicians can access the line remotely and will notify you when it is complete.”

To top it off, my manager had messaged me that morning saying they were slammed at work and asking if I could go in and give them a hand and get the time back another day. I would have gone if I hadn’t had to wait in for the technician who was never going to come!

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