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A Small Period Of Grace

| Learning | August 7, 2013

(In my choir class, we are going over class rules in the handbook. When someone has to go to the bathroom, they must come in after school to do some filing, except female students who ‘get one grace day a month’.)

Freshman Boy: “What! That’s so unfair!”

Teacher: “That’s the rule. We’re not going to discuss it.”

Freshman Boy: “But that’s not fair! How come girls get a grace day and guys don’t?!”

(Most of the class is looking a bit awkward, and his older sister speaks up.)

Sister: “You really don’t want to know.”

Freshman Boy: “But that’s not fair that girls get a grace day and guys don’t!”

(This continues for several minutes, with the teacher and several girls telling him to let it go.)

Sister: “Do you really want me to say it?”

Freshman Boy: “Yeah!”

Sister: “Because we get our periods.”

(He didn’t challenge any other rules!)

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