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A Slight Bump In The Editing

| Related | August 5, 2013

(My younger sister is getting married. She is six months pregnant, and showing at this point. I have talked to the videographer ahead of time, and told him I did not want to be interviewed. I will tell my sister and her husband congrats on my own time. I am not in the mood for being videotaped.)

Videographer: *wielding microphone and camera* “One of the lovely bride’s sisters… Your name?”

Me: *glaring* “I’m [my name].”

Videographer: “Well [name], you look so pretty.” *glances at my wedding band* “It looks like you are married as well. Do you have any pointers for your little sister on her wedding night?”

Me: “Well, as you can plainly see…” *motions towards my younger sister’s belly* “…I’m sure they already have a pretty good idea of what to do.”

(My older sister, who is sitting next to me bursts out laughing. The videographer goes white and backs quickly as he can away from me.)

Older Sister: “What was that about?”

Me: “I told him not to shove his microphone in my face.”

Older Sister: “Oh, I’m fairly sure he will leave you alone now.”

Me: “Yeah, but [younger sister] will probably be pretty mad if that makes it to the wedding video.”

Older Sister: “He’ll cut that part.”

(He did end up cutting that part, but my older sister ratted me out to everyone, including my younger sister. The good thing was, he left me alone for the rest of the wedding, and everyone couldn’t help but laugh.)

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