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A Slave To The Form

, , , | Working | March 17, 2016

(I order a free credit report from one of several companies in Canada. When I receive the report, it is very obvious that they have mixed my report with another person’s, so I call them to inquire. Understandably, they have to ask several security questions to ascertain my identity.)

Company Rep: “Can I have your age?”

Me: “I’m 55.”

Company Rep: “That’s not correct.”

Me: “I’m 55. How can it not be correct?”

Company Rep: “The forms say you must be between 66 and 72.”

Me: “I cannot be between those ages; I know for certain that I am 55.”

Company Rep: “I’m sorry, but that’s what the forms say.”

Me: “Do the forms not have my date of birth?”

Company Rep: “Yes, they do.”

Me: “And I was born in 1956, correct?”

Company Rep: “That’s correct.”

Me: “And it’s now 2011. 2011 – 1956 = 55, would you not agree?”

Company Rep: “Yes, but the paperwork says you have to be between 66 and 72.”

Me: “So you can’t figure out for yourself that the paperwork that your company has generated has made a mistake. Not only do you have my credit report mixed up with someone else’s, but you can’t do a simple bit of math and see that your answer is wrong?”

Company Rep: “I’m sorry. sir, but your age has to be between 66 and 72?”

Me: “Oh, for Christ’s sake!” *hangs up*

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