A-Sister-ing With The Prank

| Working | December 26, 2013

(I am in the military and stationed in Germany. One of the soldiers I am drinking with is being very obnoxious about wanting to try to flirt with every woman he sees.)

Me: “Hey, [Soldier #1]. You should go talk to [Soldier #2]. His sister is coming to visit soon. I heard she gets pretty wild after a few drinks and some dancing.”

(Soldier #1 runs over to Soldier #2’s table.)

Soldier #1: “Hey, I heard your sister is coming! You should let me take her out! I’ll take her dancing, show her a good time!”

(Soldier #2, an incredibly large, muscular man, sets down his drink and stares straight ahead.)

Soldier #2: “My sister was paralyzed when she was three years old. She’s never been dancing. Do you think that’s funny?”

Soldier #1: “I… uh… I gotta go.”

Soldier #3: *to me* “That was pretty cold blooded, man.”

Me: “[Soldier #2] doesn’t have a sister.”

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