A Siridipitious Turn Of Events

| Albany, NY, USA | Friendly | November 13, 2014

(My roommate has a smart phone with Siri on it. She doesn’t use the feature, except to insult Siri every time it turns on accidentally. Because she can’t figure out how to turn Siri off, this happens more than she would like and we get endless amusement out of it. One day Siri starts talking in my roommate’s pocket.)

Siri: “I’m sorry; I didn’t understand the question.”

(Exasperated, my roommate pulls out her phone and presses the button to talk.)

Roommate: “You need to clean out your ears.”

Siri: “You are entitled to your own opinion.”

(We all laugh and my roommate presses the button again.)

Roommate: “Touch√©.”

(At this, Siri pulls up a Wikipedia page on fencing terms. Needless to say, we couldn’t stop laughing for several minutes.)

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