A Single Frame Of Rudeness

, , , , | Working | October 16, 2019

I am the only person on the checkout at the moment. A customer comes up to me. I get half a greeting out before he asks a question. I answer and he walks away idly into menswear.

Half an hour later, the duty manager drags me into her office and writes me up for rude behaviour towards a customer. I refuse to sign it until I know what she’s referring to. She sends me home early, saying that when the store manager is in tomorrow he will get it straightened out.

I come in, on my day off, for the meeting. The duty manager gives a very detailed account of what happened, with the customer’s contact details, saying he will verify everything. I have no idea what she’s talking about and stress that only one customer asked me about menswear, and I literally said two words to him. The store manager suggests we check the camera footage. The duty manager gets a malicious grin on her face, like she just convinced him to fire me.

We all go into the admin office and go through my entire shift the day before. We almost miss the supposed rude behaviour because the encounter was literally five seconds long, and watching it at max speed made the customer appear for only one frame. The store manager slows it to real time and cranks the volume up. You can hear me saying, “Hi,” then the customer asking if we sell stuff for men, and then me saying, “Yes,” before he walks away.

I glance at the duty manager who is bright red. The store manager bursts out laughing and tells me to go home, assuring me that I will be paid for my full shift and one day holiday for having to come in to sort this out. 

I heard the duty manager had to take additional training for investigating complaints. I haven’t really seen her since. I’m suspecting she’s been messing with the rota to avoid me.

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