A Sim-ple Explanation

| Friendly | February 26, 2015

(I’m telling one of my friends about something that happened in my ‘The Sims’ game with a replica of my family in a replica of my house.)

Me: “So, my dad started a fire which killed him. My mum went to scream at the fire. My sister was sitting on her bed then death showed up and killed her. My brother-in-law started another fire and killed himself. This left no adults in the house, so my brother was taken away by the SS, leaving me in the house alone…”

(One of my other friends was at her locker and came in half-way through this, and has an increasingly horrified look on her face.)

Me: “… and to anyone who doesn’t know, I’m talking about The Sims. Otherwise this would be very awkward.”

Friend At Locker: “OH, THANK GOD! I thought you were talking about your actual family there!”

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