A Signature Case Of Non-Payment

, , , , , | Right | May 28, 2020

As with any large sales company, we have terms and conditions. For large sums of money, immediate payment is not required. In this instance, we give our customers thirty days after the end of the month to pay.

Caller: “I’m calling about your payment terms.”

Coworker: “Yes, they are set when you have your quotation.”

Caller: “We need more time than that.”

Coworker: “Sorry, but they are not negotiable; even our biggest customers have to conform. You were made aware of this on a number of occasions.”

Caller: “But I have a piece of paper from you that is signed.”

Coworker: “Yes, you will have, and just about that signature is the word ‘denied.’”

Caller: “Well, maybe we will to go to another supplier.”

Coworker: “You may certainly try, but we are the only supplier in the UK.”

Caller: “Okay, then I will go to your supplier.”

Coworker: “Again, you may try, but they will send you back to us; even if you did buy directly, their terms are far shorter than ours.”

Caller: “Well… well… I’ll call you back.”

Needless to say, they agreed to the terms.

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