A Sign Of Things To Come

, , , , | Right | November 3, 2020

After months upon months of having visitors pushing the right-hand door on their way out of the building and setting off the alarm, I have finally gotten permission from the boss lady to put a sign on that door saying, “Please use other door.” Halle-freakin-lujah!

I order a nice vinyl label for either side of the door with a large bold font and it arrives quickly. The day I put it on, I am joyful. My problems with the d*** door are over. I stick it on the door and go back to sit at my desk.

Reading this site as often as I do, I really should have known better. The very next visitor that went to leave… looked right through the sign — right at their eye level — and pushed the d*** door open, setting off my alarm.

They spoke perfect English, didn’t have any obvious impairment, weren’t a resident with a mental issue… and yet…

I hate people.

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