A Shiny New Hat

| Working | July 15, 2013

(I am a fairly big geek, and my job knows it. One night, just a few minutes before we close, a customer comes in and asks for help in the yarn section; my manager decides to help him.)

Manager: *over the walkie* “[My name], have someone else watch the register; I need you to come back here.”

(I head on back.)

Manager: “This customer wants to make a certain hat. He says that they need specific colors, but we’re not sure which ones we need.”

(I don’t want to assume what the project is, but I have a suspicion I know what the customer wants to make.)

Me: *to the customer* “What colors do you need?”

Customer: “A gold, and rusty color, and I think like an orange one.”

Me: *grinning because I assumed right* “For Jayne’s hat, I would suggest or loops and threads brand colors. I can take you to them.”

(The customer’s eyes light up when I mention Jayne, and follows me to where the yarn is. He purchases it and I give him some links to online sites for tutorials on how to make the hat. He leaves with a big thank you to me and my manager.)

Manager: “I knew you would know what he wanted to make! It’s great we finally have a geek working here.”

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