A Shifty Manager

| Portland, OR, USA | Working | February 11, 2014

(I recently started a new job. I make plans one night to meet with friends after I got off work at nine pm. When I try to leave, the doors are locked. I go looking for my manager to open them.)

Me: “Hey, [Name], can you unlock the door? I need to leave.”

Manager: “No. You have to stay and help clean the store.”

Me: “I’m sorry, but I was scheduled until nine, so I thought I would be off at nine. I made plans. I need to go.”

Manager: “You can’t leave. You need to stay and help clean the store. It’s what we do.”

Me: “It’s nine. I was scheduled until nine. I made plans. I already clocked out. Can you please open the door?”

Manager: “Fine! I’ll open the door. But I’m going to schedule you later from now on, so that you’ll stay and clean like you’re supposed to!”

Me: “… Good?”

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