A Shifty Manager, Part 2

| Working | October 25, 2016

(I have an extracurricular activity after school which takes up my entire Thursday evening. When applying for my first job I make sure they are aware of this and for the first few months, everything is fine. However, I make the mistake of offering to cover someone as the activity was cancelled that week, and hence begins a nightmare of being scheduled in week after week, and me continually notifying them that this is not possible. It culminates in me potentially losing the credit for the activity if I miss anymore sessions, and so finally I sit down with the store manager, on my own time, and agree to be taken off Thursday work. I am told my next shift will be changed and not to worry about it anymore. The phone rings on Thursday evening as I’m leaving school.)

Me: “Hello?”

Store Manager: “[My Name], you were meant to be here five hours ago. I’ve been trying to reach you. I got your mobile number off your parents. They aren’t happy with you!”

Me: “[Manager], I said I can’t work Thursdays.”

Store Manager: “Who did you tell this to?”

Me: *exasperated* “You.”

Store Manager: “I have no memory of you telling me. Did you leave a note, as we’ve said to never leave notes?”

Me: “I sat down with you last Sunday! You noted it in the diary.”

(I hear frantic page turning.)

Store Manager: “Oh, yes, I remember now. Your cover put in a holiday yesterday and we couldn’t reschedule you.”

Me: “But, aren’t you supposed to give three days’ notice for holidays?”

Store Manager: “Yes, but it was for school so we had to give them it.”

Me: “[Manager], the reason why I can’t work Thursdays is because of school!”

Store Manager: “I see… I’ll look into changing things around for you. When can you come in?”

Me: “Like I said on Sunday: Friday through to Monday are the best for me.”

Store Manager: “No, I mean today. When can you come in to do your shift?”

(Looks at watch.)

Me: “My shift ends at nine; do you expect me to work past midnight?”

Store Manager: “No, we only do that during store re-modeling. Also you can’t work unsociable hours because you’re under eighteen.”

Me: “So you want me to work a half an hour shift?”

Store Manager: “It’s just gone eight, so it would be an hour.”

Me: “It will take me half an hour to get there. I’ve just left school.”

Store Manager: “Half an hour is fine, then. I won’t write you up this time, but be sure to actually tell us when you can’t work. I won’t be as lenient next time.” *hangs up*

(My parents were livid when I got home and my dad offered me a lift and to have a word with the manager. I calmed him down enough to let me go in myself for my half hour shift, but he decided to wait in the car park and take me home. My mum was halfway through writing a resignation letter for me when I got home. I didn’t use it and decided to call HR instead. They sorted everything out in the next couple of days. The manager wasn’t too pleased with me, saying I “should have just told them.” I put up with them for another year before leaving. Thinking back I’m wondering if the manager might have had some memory problems.)


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