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A Sheety Service

| Working | February 26, 2017

(I borrow my mom’s bicycle, and in the process of the bike ride, the front and rear brakes stop working. I go into the repair shop. The following conversation takes place.)

Store Clerk: “So, if you just sign here on the white sheet, the signature will also copy to the pink and yellow sheets beneath it. After you do that, please take it to the front desk. After you pay, they will take the pink and yellow sheets. We’ll call you when the bike is ready to be picked up.”

(I go and do as he says, and go home. Once home, I realize I still have all three sheets — which means they still have my mom’s bike and no way to contact me, as all my information is on those sheets. So, I go back to the shop and explain what happened.)

Store Clerk: *looking kind of puzzled as I’m standing there* “Well, it’s a good thing you came back, because now we can actually start working on the bike.”

Me: *facepalm*

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