A Shake As Thick As Your Skull

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I work in a fast-paced local restaurant and we are extremely busy. There is a line so long that it’s waiting out the door and I’m the only one at the front counter to assist all customers.

Me: “What can I get started for you?”

Customer: “Yeah, can I get a chocolate shake but without the chocolate?”

Me: “So, you mean you want a vanilla shake?”

She begins giving me a glare like I never went to school and must be the stupidest person alive.

Customer: “Are you f****** deaf?”

Me: “Nope. I heard you say you wanted a chocolate shake without the chocolate; that’s a vanilla shake since that’s the base of the milkshake.”

Customer: “So you are deaf. I said I wanted a chocolate shake without the chocolate! Did you hear me this time?! This is exactly why you work here: because you are stupid!”

Me: “Okay, that will be $2.50.”

Customer: “See?! It wasn’t that hard, was it, you uneducated child?”

I end up just making her a vanilla shake. I hand it to her and she finishes the whole thing at a table and doesn’t even complain.

Next Customer: *Sarcastically* “Can I get a strawberry shake without the strawberry? Make sure to add extra no strawberries!”

A Shake As Thick As Your Skull

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