A Serial Germaphobe

| Related | January 10, 2016

(My daughter is a toddler, and she loves her little loop cereal. We have to take it wherever we go. We are at my father’s house for a family get together. I set her on the floor with her cereal in a little container. She promptly dumps some out and starts eating them off the floor. My eldest sister is a complete germaphobe.)

Sister: “How can you let her eat those off the floor?”

Me: “I doubt it will kill her. Kids pick things up off the floor all the time and put them in their mouth, and it’s not like Dad never cleans the floor.”

Sister: “But it’s disgusting! Who knows how many germs there are on the floor?!”

Me: “This is actually a step up for her. She usually puts them between her toes and eats them.”

(My child proceeds at that moment to demonstrate this skill.)

Sister: “Oh, my God!” *leaves the room quickly*

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