A Serial Basket-Case

| Working | April 7, 2017

(Our last manager was pretty lazy and would just dump opened stock into a basket marked $5. Instead of spending time repackaging, he would just throw the packaging out. Regular customers caught on to this and would purposely open items worth hundreds of dollars then would come back the next day to get a bargain out of the $5 basket. After he moves on from the store, I remove the $5 sign and mark everything as half the full price. I make new signs stating that only marked items will be discounted. I also repackage anything that has packaging and tidy the section, replacing the repackaged items. Not long afterwards I see a regular customer entering the store and leaving 10 minutes later. I head to the section and find an empty package hidden amongst the stock. It’s one of the items I had repackaged. The next day the regular customer is back and is at the counter with an item out of its package. The item is worth $350.)

Customer: “I got this from the $5 bin”

Me: “Sorry, we no longer have a $5 bin. It’s now a 50% off bin and only for price-labelled items. This has no labels and I’ve actually got the package right here. It’s $350.”

Customer: “But [ex-Manager] always lets me have things out of that basket for $5; I want to talk to him.”

Me “I’m sorry, he no longer works at this store and I know that this was not in the basket yesterday because I was the one who sorted and priced everything. I did it just before you were in yesterday. ”

Customer: “Well, who’s in charge now? I want to see them.”

Me: “Yeah, that’ll be me.”

Customer: *suddenly sweet* “Oh, so where has [Ex-Manager] gone?”

Me: “He’s now at [Other Location].”

Customer: “I might go and say hello to him, then.”

Me: “You do that. I’m sure he’ll be happy to see you.”

(Funny enough, she no longer was a regular after that.)

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