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A Science Teacher’s Best Friend

, , , , | Learning | November 20, 2019

(I have a chemistry teacher who is a bit of a mad scientist.)

Teacher: “Today we’re going to learn something about diamonds. So, what do you know about diamonds?”

Student: “They’re really hard?”

Teacher: “Yes, that’s exactly right. But where people get confused is that they think because diamonds are hard they’re strong. Come up to the front and take a look at this diamond.”

(Students go up and he scratches some glass with the diamond and we all have a look at it.)

Teacher: *gets out hammer* “So, diamonds are hard, but they’re actually very brittle.”

(He then brings down the hammer and smashes the diamond to smithereens. The class is briefly stunned into silence.)

Student: “Umm, wasn’t that expensive?”

Teacher: “I don’t think so; the teacher before me left some industrial diamonds in a cupboard so I’ve just been smashing one every year.”

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